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Name:Celebrating the Women of Supernatural
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A place to discuss the women of Supernatural in a positive light
This is a community to support the many reoccurring and one-shot female characters on the CW's Supernatural.

What's welcome here?

Just about anything as long as it's related to the women of Supernatural. Any sort of fanworks is welcome. Fic, mixes, art, meta, and anything else you can think of.

So it just has to have one of the women in it?

It has to feature one of the women in a prominent and positive way. Meaning that you can post your 15,000 word M/M epic, so long as one of the women is a major part of the story. And I do mean major and not just Jo showed up for three paragraphs. Obviously adjust the scale for other fics and icon batches and such. There can be a bit of a fine line between prominent and just there so I'm going to trust people here.

What's with this "positive light" stuff? I have this thing on Lilith and she's evil.

Great. As long as it's not bashing then go ahead and post it. I know, hypothetical reader that I'm writing this out for, that some of the women on Supernatural are evil. That doesn't mean bashing is okay.

So no bashing?

No bashing. If you dislike a character you should be able to either a) ignore them and not use them in your fanworks or b) be able to articulate why in a non-bashing way.

So post about any of the canonically evil female characters. Post a fic where Jessica was actually a witch or something. Just don't bash the girls.

What is bashing? How do I know if I'm doing it?

Good questions hypothetical reader! If you're not sure about bashing try reading this article on character bashing. If you're still not sure then try asking one of your friends. Or me.

So that's it?

Essentially. The main rules here are to have fun, post about the women, and stay positive.

Oh and using headers and cuts are always a good thing. Any fic with spoilers or longer then 100 words should go behind a cut. Please have no more than 3 teaser icons outside of a cut and any large graphics.

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