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Title: Fire Me Up [a fiery-red-headed-gamer-girl mix]
Notes/Warnings: Charlie's playlist for when she's battling zombies or RP'ing. Some songs contain explicit lyrics. zip available

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Title: Cloudburst
Rating: E (Explicit)
Pairing: Jo/Kat
Disclaimer: I wish I was making money off of this.
Author's Note: Set in the same series as More Than Just a Pretty Face though can be enjoyed on its own. Started for Femslash February on Tumblr. PWP.

Summary: There are some things you just can't ignore.

( Jo couldn't blame it on the adrenaline. )
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Title: Hunting Witches
Character: Gwen Campbell
Rating: PG, 1440
Summary: Hunting witches isn't black and white, except that it is. (5 things)

Hunting Witches @ AO3
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Rarewomen 2013, feat. Casey from Supernatural

[ profile] rarewomen/[syndicated profile] rarewomen_feed

Sign-ups run February 14-28.
Assignments go out in early March.

A 1k fic exchange centered around the women characters forgotten in large fandoms and all women characters in small fandoms. Participants request and offer based on a nominated tagset in AO3, and we celebrate the women fandom forgot!

Nominated Supernatural Ladies:
Amelia Richardson | Anna Milton | Ava Wilson | Bela Talbot
Carmen Porter | Casey (Sin City) | Cassie Robinson | Charlie Bradbury
Claire Novak | Gwen Campbell | Julia Wright | Karen Singer
Kate (Bitten) | Lydia (The Slice Girls) | Meg Masters | Missouri Moseley
Nancy Fitzgerald | Olivia Lowry | Pamela Barnes | Tamara (The Magnificent Seven)

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 Title: have a good life, do it for me
Author[personal profile] starling_night 
Rating: PG-13
Length:  ~9,500
Characters: Jess, Dean, Sam, Castiel
Summary: Jess is brought back to a world that’s moved on without her. The only thing she can think of to do is find Sam - but that’s easier said than done. Takes place during s6.
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Character: Mary Winchester
Rating: Teen
Word count: ~2500
A/N: written for [community profile] 1sentencefic - 50 themes, one sentence each
Summary: Neither safety nor happiness are simply found.

Read: DW | AO3
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Title: Candy Fight
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Anna/Gabriel
Rating: NC 17
Summary: A bored archangel was always fun to play with.

Candy Fight
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Link: post)

Description: A multifandom fic-fest celebrating the female-centric relationship in fandom

Sign-up date/deadline: Accepting prompts through midnight, Central US time, Mid June. Masterlist of prompts go up on the 25th of June to begin claiming.

Due date: No later than September 14

Posting date: 14 August- 14 September
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Title: Lady of the Golden Arrows
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Jessica; Jessica/Sam, Jessica/OFC
Word Count: 300
Mix Size: 3 songs, 17.2 MB in a zipped file
Rating: PG
Summary: Jessica Moore travels her own road.

Notes: Written at [community profile] spn_bitesized. Many thanks to [personal profile] cantarina for beta reading. Feedback is love, and concrit is welcome.

Lady of the Golden Arrows (LJ | AO3)
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Ladies of the Law at spn_bitesized

[community profile] spn_bitesized is a community for comment-sized Supernatural fanworks. Modeled after commentfic communities, we welcome fics, art, icons, short fanmixes, and any other comment-sized fanwork you feel inspired to make. We accept all genres, all pairings, and all ratings.

This week's theme is Ladies of the Law! When the Benders come back as ghosts, does Kathleen Hudak get a crash course in hunting? Does Mara Daniels start noticing supernatural cases that cross her desk? How did Nancy Fitzgerald start working at the Sheriff's office? What will Diana Ballard tell Henriksen when he interviews her? Join us and explore the lives and experiences of the women of Supernatural who work in law-related fields!
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Title: Then Beggars Would Ride
Author: ciaan
Fandom: Supernatural/RPF crossover AU
Pairings: Dean/Carmen, Jared/Sandy, Jared/Dean, Dean/Carmen/Jared/Sandy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: And they all lived happily ever after. 2,858 words.
Notes: This is an AU of the djinn wishverse from episode 2.20, What Is And What Should Never Be, with some different characters.

Carmen meets him when she rolls into the garage to get her brakes fixed and walks out with the phone number of the hot mechanic who spends the whole time trying not to seem like he's staring at her.
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Title: Though I Walk
Author: [ profile] exmanhater (LJ) /[personal profile] intransitive (DW)
Rating: R
Pairing: Anna/Jo
Spoilers: general for season four
Warnings: none
Word count: 3,200
Summary: Miracles don't happen to Jo Harvelle, but sometimes the clouds break for a while.
Note: Written for the prompt: "Anna/Jo, post-apocalypse" at [community profile] female_fest and originally posted there

She doesn't run out of gas until the third week
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Jessica at spn_bitesized

[community profile] spn_bitesized is a community for comment-sized Supernatural fanworks. Modeled after commentfic communities, we accept fics, art, icons, short fanmixes, and any other comment-sized fanwork you feel inspired to make. We accept all genres, all pairings, and all ratings.

This week's theme is Jessica! What if Jessica survived and became a hunter? How did she meet Sam? What does her family think when she goes to college? Does she enjoy her first job? Explore the life and times of Jessica this week by crafting prompts and creating fanworks at [community profile] spn_bitesized!
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Title: Thorn in Her Side
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Jo/Ruby
Rating: NC 17
Summary: Jo’s been a thorn in her side every since Dean’s death.

Thorn in her side
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Title: Come On, Baby, Let Loose
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Gabriel/Kali
Rating: PG
Warnings: Um, heavy kissing?

View it here!
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So I had some thinky thoughts about Kali (she's my favorite SPN female):

There are realistic ways that Kali could come back into the plotline: she’s a goddess, thus being immortal. She bounded Gabriel to her (“You are bound to me now and forever”) and has his blood; she could easily bring him back via a blood spell! Also, she is just so badass.

Can you imagine Kali, Gabriel and the Winchesters bringing down Castiel? Dude, what I would give for that.

(If this isn't allowed, please delete. This is my first post)
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Hi there!

So I have been rebuilding my music library (*insert sobbing over broken external drive here*). I stumbled across a song called, "Because I'm Awesome". The words made me think of both Meg and Ruby.

At which point some meta happened )

So request 1 - share your thoughts on this. All opinions welcome - even if it's just "... what?" (I get that one a lot.)

So now I had to make a playlist. (I'm new to this comm. Hi, I'm Kat. I have a song for that.)

I created "fuckyeah Meg & Ruby" and started pulling in songs. Which leads me to -

Request 2 - what songs would YOU put in a mix celebrating females who never needed men, but do so enjoying making them bleed and cry. And are AWESOME.

Read more... )
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Pairing: Ruby/Sam
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1000 words
A/N: for the kink bingo square "writing on the body;" light mentions of blood; set in summer post season 3; thanks go to [personal profile] saystheheart for beta

Summary: That small body of hers is dotted and indexed like the perverted twin of a cartographer's map, void of meaning, leading nowhere.

Read on DW or AO3

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