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So I had some thinky thoughts about Kali (she's my favorite SPN female):

There are realistic ways that Kali could come back into the plotline: she’s a goddess, thus being immortal. She bounded Gabriel to her (“You are bound to me now and forever”) and has his blood; she could easily bring him back via a blood spell! Also, she is just so badass.

Can you imagine Kali, Gabriel and the Winchesters bringing down Castiel? Dude, what I would give for that.

(If this isn't allowed, please delete. This is my first post)
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Hi there!

So I have been rebuilding my music library (*insert sobbing over broken external drive here*). I stumbled across a song called, "Because I'm Awesome". The words made me think of both Meg and Ruby.

At which point some meta happened )

So request 1 - share your thoughts on this. All opinions welcome - even if it's just "... what?" (I get that one a lot.)

So now I had to make a playlist. (I'm new to this comm. Hi, I'm Kat. I have a song for that.)

I created "fuckyeah Meg & Ruby" and started pulling in songs. Which leads me to -

Request 2 - what songs would YOU put in a mix celebrating females who never needed men, but do so enjoying making them bleed and cry. And are AWESOME.

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