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Hi there!

So I have been rebuilding my music library (*insert sobbing over broken external drive here*). I stumbled across a song called, "Because I'm Awesome". The words made me think of both Meg and Ruby.

We never see Meg and Ruby on at the same time. Which - for the record - I understand. It's very hard to explain a shapeshifting demonic character that only shows up every third episode - let alone two of them, both gender identified as female, both strongly associated with Sam and his powers, but we were supposed to think we should trust one, but kill the other on sight.

Oh, Sam. You moron.

... where was I? Oh yeah, so I get why we never see Meg's reaction to Ruby - and in canon, Meg wouldn't have known what Ruby was doing. But now? Meg must kinda worship Ruby. (I will admit I had a pet theory that Ruby would be revealed to BE Meg, but as I have to choose - I'd rather have Meg alive.)

But Meg was charged with the same task Ruby had - manipulate Sam away from his brother and bring him into the fold. Meg knows just how awesome a mind fuck Ruby pulled off. If Ruby had survived? I'm fairly certain Meg would want her autograph.

So request 1 - share your thoughts on this. All opinions welcome - even if it's just "... what?" (I get that one a lot.)

So now I had to make a playlist. (I'm new to this comm. Hi, I'm Kat. I have a song for that.)

I created "fuckyeah Meg & Ruby" and started pulling in songs. Which leads me to -

Request 2 - what songs would YOU put in a mix celebrating females who never needed men, but do so enjoying making them bleed and cry. And are AWESOME.

The playlist so far:

Because I'm Awesome - The Dollyrots
I'm a leader, I'm a winner, and I'm cleaner
Cause I'm awesome
I don't need you cause I'm neato and I beat you
Cause I'm awesome
That's right

OK - we're going to get in trouble if I keep listing lyrics - because I just realized there's over 50 songs... *facepalm*

I'll post a mix eventually, so if you don't know something, just let me know. I debated listing the songs, but I want you to understand just how "eclectic" my taste is. I will not judge your choices. I just want to hear them

A proper mix would be pruned and also in a somewhat more logical order. BUT I WANT ALL THE SONGS.

Ashes to Ashes - Tarbox Ramblers (THE Meg song from Born Under A Bad Sign)
Sold Me Down The River - The Alarm (A song about Ruby from Sam)
You Know I'm No Good - Amy Winehouse (Both - the dysfunctional love that would be between them)
Common Bird - Ane Brud (Both - this is actually a good female demon song period.)
Goody Two Shoes - Adam Ant (Because I'm a crack addict. Sorry.)
Under My Thumb - The Rolling Stones (The girls to those Winchester boys)
Hole Solution - Android Lust ("You need a hole in your head" - for the trail of bodies)
Dogs in a Cage - Angelfish (This fandom needs more femslash.)
House of the Rising Sun - Muse's cover (this version screams Meg to me and I couldn't tell you why)
Barbie Girl - Aqua (yeah, if you've read this far? You should just brace yourself for random crack)
Derezzed - Avvicii (In my head, Meg and Ruby play electronica instrumentals when they kill. I don't know why.)
Mickey - B*Witched cover (Also in my head, they sing earworms in the car. One who gets a song stuck in the other one's brain wins.)
Rock Lobster - B52s (see previous)
Twist and Shout - Beatles cover (yeah, I was on a roll. I'll stop.)
Infected - Bad Religion (Their influence on each other and s4 Ruby's influence on Sam)
Run For Your Life - Beatles (Stalking someone - taking care to ruin their life FIRST)
Save a Horse, Ride A Cowboy - Big & Rich (Ah, those Winchester boys are just soooo yummy.)
I Don't Like Mondays - Boomtown Rats (Because demonic possession would explain much)
Lil Red Riding Hood - Bowling For Soup cover (The internet in general needs more femslash.)
Crazy Bitch - Buckcherry (cause eventually those yummy Winchesters would cave in)
Peper - Butthole Surfers (may not make it - for some reason it's associated with Meg in my head and the chaos she causes)
Short skirt, long jacket - Cake (who needs Lucifer?)
Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood (another one that won't stay, but the idea that they would key the Impala... *shudders*)
Cell Block Tango - Chicago cast (He had it coming.)
Independent Women (Charlie's Angels Mix) - Destiny's Child
Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley (They would be SO dysfunctional!)
Legend of a Cowgirl - Imani Coppola
Papercut - Linkin Park (My go to song about demonic possession)
Good Girls Go To Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere) - Meatloaf (had to be done)
Your Little Secret - Melissa Etheridge (at the end of the day, they'd be best at hurting each other)
Bitch - Merideth Brooks (a go to for any female based playlist)
Stone Cold Crazy - Metallica cover (they just are)
Monster Hospital - Metric (I fought the war, but the war won. Demons in a world with no Apocalypse - and Hell is just another bureaucracy)
Black Sheep - Metric (In a mix, this would come much earlier. In my head, they hook up to this song)
Four Things - Morgan and the Hidden Hands (At some point, someone made an awesome mix of songs and characters - called Welcome to the Edge - and picked this for Meg. That person is a Rockstar.)
Take A Bow - Muse (another go to demon song... I seem to have quite a few)
Butterflies & Hurricanes - Muse (This is actually a Sam & Ruby season 4 song. Not sure it would stay in a proper mix.)
Doll Parts - Hole (It's a playlist about female demons taking over broken bodies! You must have this!)
Celebrity Skin - Hole ("A walking study in demonology". See previous.)
Twisted Transistor - Korn (a go to for YED's demon children and special kids)
Tainted Love - Marilyn Manson cover (... yeah.)
Turn Off The Light - Nelly Furtado (No really. MORE FEMSLASH.)
Just a Girl - No Doubt (for when they're luring people in)
Sunday Morning - No Doubt (for when they're DONE luring people in)
Angry Johnny - Poe
Trigger Happy Jack - Poe (Both Poe songs are them messing with Sam and Dean's brains - Trigger Happy Jack is also a Ruby/Dean song in a dirtybadwrong way)
Fallen Angel - Poison (Because I'm fairly sure Meg's a nephilim from The Flood.)
Sour Cherry - The Kills (This is a Meg/Cas song. Also Meg and Ruby fucking up Crowley's New Hell Order.)
F*** Me Pumps - Amy Winehouse (I see them bar hopping - and body hopping while doing it - just to leave the women in the morning)
Disturbia - Rhianna (Original!Ruby's meatsuit - Katie would rock this.)
Some Sin For Nuthin' - AC/DC (This pairing would be SO MUCH FUN - in an end of the world way)
I Can't Decide - Scissor Sisters (OK, I can't NOT see John Simm's The Master eating scenery - but the lyrics also fit Meg and Ruby debating killing the Winchesters.)

So yeah - you'd think that would do me. But no. I WANT MORE. What would you put on YOUR mix?
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